Are you ready for a LOVE Breakthrough?

Sweet one,

If you are here, I know you are ready to break the cycle of loneliness, desperately wishing and hoping that true love can happen for you.

You are a spiritual, fun, loving, generous, caring, smart soul with a big heart, and it’s time you experience the love that you know is possible.

I know your story so very well because it was mine, before attracting the love of my life eleven years ago. Now I have a partner, playmate, confidant, supporter, lover, friend and so much more. And I want the same for YOU!

It doesn’t matter what you have, nothing makes life sweeter than having that someone special to share it with.
-Keiya K Rayne

When you flip the switch within yourself for love, you become magnetic to new opportunities, attract higher quality suitors and increase your chances of finding lasting love.

There is a path to experiencing true LOVE beyond your wildest dreams and nothing will bring me more joy than to support you on this profound journey.

Whether you’re just back in the dating scene or you’ve completely given up on love, I can help.

I believe finding true love is possible!

That’s why I’m thrilled to be offering a 2-hour virtual  workshop to help you activate and raise your frequency to attract lasting, soul-nourishing love.

While we’ll focus primarily on magnetizing your ideal partner, this transformational experience is designed to equip you with the wisdom and tools to powerfully and deliberately manifest your soul’s desire with great ease and joy!

$97 USD

Activate Your Frequency to Attract your Divine Partner

When: Monday, February 11th @ (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern Time)

Where: via video conference on Zoom

While I highly recommend attending the event live, if you’re unable to make it, please know it will be recorded and the energetic space for transformation will be held for you.

During our time together you will:

  • Initiate a Divine Partner Attraction Activation, so you can create the space to receive another with ease.
  • Release the number ONE block that sabotages you, so you’re free to have the relationship of your dreams once and for all.
  • Exponentially shift and raise your attraction frequency to enhance your presence so you can be a clear and irresistible magnet for new aligned people and magic to show up in your life.
  • Be Spiritually Sexy™ by claiming your Divine worth and brilliance so you can be confident in taking action towards fulfilling your soul’s desire.
  • We’ll wrap up with a powerful Soul Meditation, so you can embody the high frequency of love and open to infinite possibilities.

Early Bird Bonus ($300.00 Value):

The first five people that sign up for the workshop will receive a personalized bottle of Bach flower Essence Remedy.

Bach Flower Essences are used for overall support of emotional balance and well-being. A mixture of up to seven essences may be used depending on your specific need.

How awesome would it be, if this is the year you find true love?

I’m beyond thrilled to show you how!

$97 USD

“For quite some time I’ve struggled with relationships.  I was attracting the wrong type of men into my life and staying in relationships that were unfulfilling for much longer than I needed to.

 The moment I committed to working with Keiya, I started experiencing some amazing life changing results! She taught me how to shift my Magnetic Energy. I immediately started attracting very different types of men than before and I’m having fun! I was also able to release some deep anger I was holding against an ex-boyfriend. Through my new- found way of being, I was able to reach out to him and have a heart to heart conversation. 

I’m thrilled I acted on my guidance to work with Keiya.  I’m happier, healthier and learning much about the power I have within. Every session has left me feeling empowered and excited for the road ahead.”

– C. Andrews, San Diego, CA

“I had been using an online dating service and was not having much luck. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, “she”  appeared into my life — like a breath of fresh air.

She is a wonderful woman, more than I could ever dream. I have to thank Keiya for helping me create a vacuum so that someone spectacular could come into my life!”

– G.J. (MD), Virgin Islands

Let’s create miracles together!

If you know of someone who is struggling in the LOVE department, feel free to share this with them.  It’ll be the best gift ever!

Information on how to attend will be sent after registration.

$97 USD

Have questions? Let’s chat!.

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