Intuitive Reading

  • Are you ready to discover and release blocks that are holding you back from creating success in your relationship, health, business/creativity and money?
  • Is it imperative that you create inner peace, harmony and balance in your day-to-day living now?
  • You’re at a crossroad in life and unsure of what to do next?
  • Are you in need of spiritual understanding and support as to why certain things are occurring in your life?

Then, a one- hour intuitive reading is a powerful way to go from feeling powerless to taking inspired actions.

An Intuitive-Clairvoyant Reading offers:

  • Clarity, by cutting through the chaos and revealing the truth of any given situation.
  •  Immediate strategic action steps you can take to shift your current situation.
  • Confirmation of what you may already sense to be true, but don’t trust.. and so much more!

What an Intuitive-Clairvoyant Reading does NOT offer:

  • Fortune telling. Rather than predicting your future, I can tell you how things will turn out if you continue on your current path, and offer ways to change it.
  • Medium Readings. Though I have connected with people on the other side, this is not my specialty. I can however assist with a deeper spiritual understanding that will bring you relief and acceptance.

During your intuitive reading, I will tune into a higher realm to offer you the insights that will serve and support your highest good.

  • An Intuitive Reading consist of a 1 hour session.
  • Reading are done by telephone and are recorded.
  • All Intuitive reading sessions are 100% confidential.
  • Intuitive Reading Investment is $497.00.

To book your private one-on one session:

  1. Simply purchase your session using the Buy Now button below.
  2. You will receive a call from me providing additional information and instructions on how to prepare.


What others are saying…

I call Keiya a ‘seer’, a gifted person who has the sixth sense of intuition. She helped me gain a new perspective with incredible challenges in my relationship. I had an ‘Awakening’ that allowed me to go beyond feeling like a victim.

This experience has revealed to me the all-powerful realm of ‘intuition’ and it’s relevance to today’s ‘modern problems’. I am so convinced, that I have insisted that she write a book so that other people may be exposed to the wonders of her intuition and her work.

– G.J. MD, Virgin Islands

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