Success Stories

“Within a few months i saw results…by an income increase of 40%”

Stephanie PicV2“I started working with Keiya after a friend highly recommended her. Generally being successful in my business I had a slow period and started getting worried and tense. Keiya stepped right into the “worry”-state that self-employed people tend to have. She helped me turn around my thinking process, navigate every day life (work/life balance) and she taught me how to attract my perfect clients!

Within a few months I saw results; not only by feeling better and being more in control of my business but also by an income increase of 40%. I communicate differently now, filter more and trust the process. Keiya is the perfect life/business coach. She uses her intuition as well as a great sense of business and marketing. Plus, she has a very big heart :). This combination is priceless.”

–Stephanie Heintzeler, New York, NY
Birth and Post Partum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor


“I attracted over $1 million in real estate funding investments!”

AHimage2 copy“Prior to working with Keiya, I was in a state of wanting and self-doubt. As a real estate investor, one of my greatest desires was to bring in financial investors to fund my deals, of which I had none. I sensed there was an easier way, but didn’t know how to find it.

Since coaching with Keiya, I’ve attracted an investor giving me access to over $1 million; funding from a national real estate company and several city-based banks and credit unions. Keiya has helped me uncover and release crippling, limiting beliefs around money.”

– Audrey Harrell, Real Estate Investor


“I feel unstoppable!”

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“I had only experienced therapy and found that it often caused me to focus on the negative. Working with Keiya has flipped that on it’s head.  Instead of coming to a session and whining about what didn’t work that week, I come and talk about my successes. What a difference that has made in my life! I’m more confident, at peace with myself, I’m more focused and building momentum for success.

She has given me the tools to ward it off low- level negative energy and depression, like therapy never did (in my experience.)  I often felt like I was at the whim of wherever the wind blew now, I feel  “UNSTOPPABLE.

She also taught me to be grateful for what I do have and build on that vs. spending my energy on what I don’t have and attracting more of the same.

In short, Keiya not only taught me a new way of being, she inspired me to become a coach!”

–J. Thompson, New York, NY Life Coach


“I’m in the most loving relationship of my life!”

imagejpeg_2“I was stuck in an unfulfilling marriage for six years. I found myself at a crossroad with no direction, struggling with a burning desire to express the truth of who I was. In the meantime, I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks due to my mother’s passing.

Since working with Keiya, my entire life has changed for the best!

I was able to free myself from my unhealthy marriage, release the anxiety and panic attacks, gained a deeper understanding of who I was on a soul level, developed my intuition, unleashed my creativity and created my very own holistic jewelry line. The icing on the cake is being in the most healthiest and loving relationship experience of my life, EVER!

Keiya is truly a gift from God!

If you are ready, to powerfully discover who you are on a deeper level, attract your ideal relationship, build self-confidence and take your LIFE to the next level, I highly recommend you start working with Keiya right away.”

–T. Sizemore, Nashville, TN, Holistic Jewelry Designer


“I’m experiencing success in my personal, professional and financial life!”

Jenn's photo-2Words simply cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for my Coach, Keiya Rayne. I was at a point in my life where I was unfocused and cluttered, literally and figuratively.  I chose to bring a coach into my life hoping to help me redirect my priorities and passions.

What I received was amazing!  She listened intently and truly has an insight that has helped me see and recognize life’s abundance is all around me.  I saw my life becoming clearer over the time.  Each and every coaching session brought a new “ah-ha” moment and allowed me to truly appreciate and experience success professionally, personally and financially.

Not only have I been able to find the clarity that was eluding me, but as this transformation happened within me, it also happened around me.  With Keiya’s guidance and support, I am creating the life of my dreams in every way. Working with her has been a blessing and one of the best decisions I have ever made.

–J. G., IL, Regional Director, Higher Education Specialist


“I met my soul mate!”

My ten-year marriage ended when I discovered my wife was having an affair, I felt empty, deceived, lost 20lbs and could not sleep without taking sleeping pills. This went on for over five months, and was the most stressful time of my life. On the recommendation of a friend, I registered to attend a “grief” workshop to deal with my loss. I then met Keiya. I call her a “seer”, a gifted person who has the sixth sense of intuition. After several weeks of working with her, she was able to help me gain a new perspective on the situation. I had an “Awakening” that allowed me to go beyond feeling like a victim.

My release from grief was so complete that I had to question whether it was real or not. I now had a whole new outlook on life, and decided against the workshop.

I had been using an online dating service and was not having much luck. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, “she” appeared into my life — like a breath of fresh air. She is wonderful woman, more than I could ever dream. She is my “soul-mate”

I have to thank Keiya for helping me create a vacuum so that someone spectacular could come into my life!

This experience has revealed to me the all-powerful realm of “intuition” and it’s relevance to today’s “modern problems”. I am so convinced, that I have insisted that she write a book so that other people may be exposed to the wonders of her intuition and her work.”

G. J. (MD), Virgin Islands


“Amazing life changing results”

“For quite some time I’ve struggled with relationships.  I was attracting the wrong type of men into my life and staying in relationships that were unfulfilling for much longer than I needed to.

The moment I committed to working with Keiya, I started experiencing some amazing life changing results! She taught me how to shift my Magnetic Energy. I immediately started attracting very different types of men than before and I’m having fun! I was also able to release some deep anger I was holding against an ex boyfriend. Through my new- found way of being I was able to reach out to him and have a heart to heart conversation.

I’m thrilled I acted on my guidance to work with Keiya.  I’m happier,  healthier and learning much about the power I have within. Every session has left me feeling empowered and excited for the road ahead.”

–C. Andrews, San Diego, CA


“A big financial investment mistake was avoided”

“I had always believed in intuition, but never really believed it until I met Keiya. I was considering a very large financial investment to buy a medical practice space in Manhattan.  The decision was not clear, and even after struggling with it for six months, I still could not determine the right course of action to take. I happened to mention my dilemma in a conversation with keiya, and after her brief visit to get a feel of the space, her intuition and insight showed me clearly that this was not the best location for me.

I felt so relieved — like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders — and I was finally able to make right decision. Thank you, Keiya!”

–Dr. P. A. Acupuncturist, NY, NY


“I’m now at peace with my love one’s passing”

“I was going through a tough period in my life due to the sudden death of a close family member. I would put on a good face in front of family and friends, but behind closed doors I was a wreck.

Keiya was able to see through my mask.  She gave me a reading during which I was in shock because she was so on point, that it felt like my loved one was present, and speaking through her.  It was hard to believe this was happening, but the next day I was better able to process everything she had told me. I thanked her again, and confirmed the accuracy of everything she said.

My reading with Keiya was a wonderful experience — it brought positive changes to my life, and I was able to accept, and be at peace with my loved one’s death. I have since recommend her to others who were also helped by her.”

–I. Lucky, Queens, NY


“I have more peace, confidence, energy and good feelings about myself”

“Prior to working with Keiya, I was overly concerned about other people’s problems. I would lose sleep replaying “what if” in my mind most of the night. This caused my days to be stressful, and I was unable to stay focused on the task at hand, often rushing at the end of the day to finish my work. I wasn’t paying attention to eating and taking care of myself — causing my body and mind to be unprepared for my daily activities.

Since working with Keiya, I have learned to meditate and release challenging situations.  I’m now experiencing more peace, less stress, am staying focused, and have more time to take care of myself. I am also losing weight, have more energy and feeling good about myself.

I now live each moment of everyday with a confidence and assurance that often gets noticed by others. Everyone needs someone like Annette to enhance their life’s journey. I thank God that my sister T. introduced me to her.”

–T. Sizemore, Lithonia, GA


“A life altering experience”

A painful divorce led me connecting with Keiya. She was able to put my torment into words, by clearly describing how and why my marriage fell apart. She gave me a new perspective on how to transform my tribulations into wisdom with a clear and open mind.

Keiya gave me clarity I needed! Now, I am able to forgive, put my issues to rest and move forward with my life. A life altering experience indeed. Thank you Keiya.

— Florence Desmangles, New York, NY

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