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I am enjoying living my calling, doing work that I love that makes a difference and changes lives. While this was very important to me, another area in my life that felt more important at the time was desire to attract my soul mate. What I didn’t realize at the time was how much of my creative energy was being drained by wanting this level of relationship. If you are someone who feels call to live your purpose, then the lack of creative energy can be a very big problem..

It doesn’t matter what you have or what you do, the desire to deeply connect with another being  is one of our greatest intentions. Makes sense, because we are LOVE. The energies of loneliness, sadness, feeling unloved and wanting take up a lot of space in your being.

Eight years ago, I was blessed to connect with my soul mate, Victor, and boy what a meeting it was! (To be shared in another post….) Since meeting him, my life has expanded in the most magnificent ways. I have a best friend, confidant, partner, playmate and supporter who loves me unconditionally. The greatest unexpected gift of being with him was the space that opened up for me to to live my purpose. No longer was I bogged down with the feelings of hopelessness, loneliness and sadness, but I now was living from the energies of joy, hope, excitement and creativity. Not having a mate does not mean you cannot a fulfilling life. However, if you desire to experience a deliciously satisfying relationship, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Fulfilling your destiny is having every area of your life come alive by experiencing your greatest desires. Being in a soul-connected relationship is a big part of that. However, you can only be in a soul mate relationship if you are aligned with who you are at a soul level. As one of my clients put it:

“since working with Keiya I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am on a soul level. The icing on the cake is being in the most healthy and loving relationship of my life!”

So today I ask you, is being in a divinely delicious fulfilling relationship a desire for you?

Are you seeking to take your current relationship to a soul mate level?

Do you desire to live a life of creativity, meaning and contribution, but find that attracting your ideal mate is taking up too much of your energy?

Know that it doesn’t have to be so, and I’d LOVE to show you how!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

Love & Miracles,


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