Come out of hiding…

There’s nothing more freeing than owning who it is you’re truly meant to be, and Being it!

While attending a Thanksgiving gathering, I got into a discussion with a few folks concerning Halle Berry’s love life. The conversation centered around blaming the men in her life for her relationship problems. I chimed in and said “no, she’s a magnet, and she’s only attracting to her that which she is.” This didn’t seem to make any sense to the group, because as far as they were concerned the men were the problem. It just so happened it was time for us to leave, and I was ever so grateful that I didn’t need to defend, explain or justify my knowing.

Something extraordinary opened up for me after that experience. As clear as day – I got it! I see life from a Spiritual-Energetic perspective. Although it’s who I’ve been from a very young age, in that moment of actually OWNING this part of me, I felt the most free I’ve ever felt. I am a seer and feeler of energy and truth. I was then flooded with all the memories of being told, “you think you’re a know it all,” “who do you think you are?,” “you’re weird” to name a few. Within myself there was inner turmoil because I felt cursed for being so sensitive, and thought something was wrong with me. Now, I know the universe had graciously blessed me with amazing gifts and abilities to help myself and others. I cannot tell you how liberating it feels.
So, today I ask you, what desires, talents, gifts, and abilities are you hiding away? Who were you created to BE that you are denying? What fears and limitations have you let stop you from experiencing all the deliciousness life has for you? Yes, it’s scary and unknown, but when you find the courage to come out of hiding, if only a tiny bit, a whole new magical world will open up for you. It certainly has for me.
My ultimate wish for you this coming year is that you leave no stone unturned in discovering and honoring the truth of YOU. I am available, honored and humble to guide anyone who is READY to claim their seat at the table of their divine greatness. I promise you, your life will never feel fulfilled any other way.
In the coming weeks be on the look out for some exciting gifts and eventscoming your way. As I honor this new up-leveled energy of my being, I’m excited for you to join me and see what magic we will create together!
To the coming out of YOU!
Big Love,
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  1. We are so afraid of what others think, afraid of being judged. I applaud your courage and your message is inspiring! This totally resonates.

    • Thank You Jan! I’m happy that you found the message inspiring, that was my highest intention:-)
      While I wanted a do-over many times and I’m sure I could have.
      I instead chose to stand in power vs fear. There is always beauty to be found in truth!
      Shine your light wherever you are!

    • Yes, it can be scary believing you are the weird one because you don’t think like the others. As we get older, and hopefully wiser, we realize that we can’t live our lives based on the opinion of others.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with the world!!! xoxo

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