Are you trusting your vibes?

imagesHow often have you received an idea, felt guided to do or say something only to ignore it and later on wish you had listened? Or, you did act on that idea, made that call, took that action and something miraculous happened? Our intuition, that subtle voice or feeling is the way the universe communicates to us. It’s an incredible gift bestowed upon us as spiritual human beings.

Years ago, while attending massage school in Ithaca, NY I had the honor of meeting Yolanda King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter. Not only did I meet her, she requested that I give her a massage. Needing to build my hours it was the perfect set up! While massaging her, I started receiving messages for her from Dr. King. As Yolanda was a very highly sensitive, spiritually in-tuned person, she sensed something was going on, and wanted to know what it was…. But, because I didn’t trust my inner knowing and the information I received, I never gave her the messages. She insisted that we stay in touch and we both went our separate ways.

Fast forward about three years later, I received multiple nudges in the form a subtle voice saying to “call Yolanda”, and of course I came up with all the reasons why I couldn’t. “She wouldn’t remember me”, “its been three years”, “she’s a very busy woman”. Within a week of ignoring my nudges I received word that she had passed away from a heart attack. Needless to say I was a mess, and made the decision to always trust and honor what I receive from spirit. The information I was to give to Yolanda from her father was indeed confirmed years later through a series of events.

Today I ask you, what nudges are you receiving from the universe that you’re ignoring?

This can make the difference between living a life filled with wonder, divine guidance and trust, or one filled with fear, confusion and disappointment. I share this story because this experience completely changed the course of my life, thankfully for the better.

So often we hesitate on taking action on our vibes, because we want to be sure we know how things are going to turn out, or we worry about how we’re going to be received or perceived by others. If that’s you, my friend, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time, and not fully living the life you’re destined to.

It’s not our place to know the What, How and When of our inner guidance, our work is simply to act on it. When we trust our vibes and take action, we set ourselves up to experience the magic and miracles of life. When we don’t trust them by coming up with all kinds of reasons why we “can’t”, we create huge blocks to receiving the very things we’re asking for, and in my case with Yolanda, a deep sense of regret I don’t ever wish on anyone.

Trusting our vibes takes practice, practice, practice. One of the foundational pieces of working with my clients is teaching them how to listen to and trust their inner guidance. When you trust this knowing, a new world of possibility opens up. This also makes you magnetic, drawing the right people, circumstance and situations to help you along your path. But you must listen, and act!

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Act on your inner guidance, no matter how small. Truth feels light and a lie feels heavy, this is how you can tell the difference. By doing so you’ll start to build confidence in your knowing.
2. Make a note of every time you trusted your vibe and the evidence you received from doing so.
3. You must slow down the mind and decrease distraction. The voice of spirit is subtle, and in our busy every day life, its easy to dismiss the messages we receive on a regular basis. How extraordinary are we to be blessed with the magnificent gift of our inner knowing?

Would LOVE to hear your take-away from this post!

To your outrageous success and happiness!

Magic happened…when I said YES!

img_1333In my last post, I promised you I’d share the magic that happened when I said YES!…

A former client and now beloved friend asked me to officiate her wedding. My initial thoughts  were “WHAT? OMG! I can’t do that! I’m too shy, I’m not good with words, I’m terrified of public speaking” (hard to believe I know.) “I’m not sure I can commit. I’ve never done anything like this before.” All the limiting beliefs and lies I’ve bought into about myself came up.The truth is, I was afraid.

After getting off the phone with her, I decided to take a few minutes to think about my decision. It didn’t sit well with me at all. Here’s someone I’ve supported from the beginning, and through our work together she’s become an extraordinary Angel Channeler/Healer, and now is preparing to marry her soul mate. It felt like we’d come full circle, and now because of my fear, the circle would be incomplete. I called her back and said YES!

The moment I said yes (though I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how), a sense of joy and excitement came over me. Throughout the entire process, which included becoming an ordained minister, the universe supported me making it easy and fun.  The ceremony was incredible, and I must admit, beside the bride and groom I was a hit! My intention was to deliver a ceremony that was light, funny and pleasing to the couple and their families. It happened just as I intended.

Saying yes to this opportunity has proven to me that I can confidently and joyfully speak in front of an audience with ease, and created new opportunities for me to serve more people in ways I’d never thought of before. On top of that, it was an extraordinary gift to a couple that was so deserving of experiencing a magical day.

So, today I ask you, what stories and lies have you bought into that are keeping you stuck and playing small? Like I’ve said many times before, the way will not be revealed to you until you say YES. It’s the magic key to opening the door to your power, and the only way for you to ever find out what you’re truly made of.

If you have no interest in being more or doing more, then this is not for you. But, if there’s any part of you that’s craving more from life, then you can begin by embracing the power of saying YES…..

To your outrageous happiness and success!


One word that’ll change your life…


I’m always amazed by the workings of the universe. Its order and simplicity can seem so hard to wrap our minds around, but when we get it, what a difference it makes.

A client of mine was celebrating a major success she had experienced. I asked her what had she contributed to her success, so she could repeat the process. (This is what’s known as mastery.) She became aware that our work together had helped her exponentially shift her vibration and attraction frequency. The better you feel, the more aligned you are with what you want. The other reason was, drum roll please….. she said YES!

These two components are what magic is made of. The power of yes opens doors where there seem to be none. When you say YES, the powers that be go to work on your request. When you say NO, and worry about the how’s and why you can’t, you put up a block to accessing miracles.

Take a minute, close your eyes and say “YES”, and notice the sensation in your body. Next, close your eyes and say “NO”. What sensation do you feel this time? If you’re willing to be honest, the yes felt light and the no felt heavy. Lightness is truth and heaviness is always a lie.

Most of us get stuck because we want to be certain of the outcome. Our limited and finite minds do not have access to all the possibilities that exist. It’s only by letting go of our need to be “in control” that we allow what needs to unfold for our highest good. But we have to give the universe permission (saying yes) to do so. The funny thing is, the universe supports whatever decision we make including us saying no.

Victor was torn between attending a workshop in Spain and spending Thanksgiving with his family this year. We had both been checking the event website for weeks, but the only workable date conflicted with the holiday. Finally, he said yes to attend the event because he felt it would support his spiritual journey. Then, just before we signed up, I happened to notice another event date two weeks after Thanksgiving — and in US! Victor’s saying yes, and honoring his soul’s desire, created a way for him to do both!

If your soul is calling you to make a change, that call must be honored. Otherwise, you will continue to stew in your misery, frustration and pain as life passes you by. That’s no way to live. In truth, you’ve lost enough already and have everything to gain! Say YES to your dreams and your soul’s desires. Your health, your life and peace of mind depend on it!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

Claim your independence!


Today, as America joyously celebrates its independence, I invite you to take a moment to contemplate where in your life you would LOVE to be free? 

I don’t know about you, but the feeling of being stuck has to be one of the most debilitating experiences there is, especially if you have a burning desire to attract your dream relationship, start your own business, make more money, create peace, joy, harmony, health and so on.

I connected with an extraordinary woman the other day who was incredibly excited and eager to start coaching with me, so she can focus her attention on her soul purpose and give less energy to her “job”. Her enthusiasm and determination were so elevating that I not only felt blessed to be supporting her on this magnificent journey, but felt inspired by her.

She was led to this decision by an unbearable feeling of being sick, tired and enslaved to a way of living that no longer made her happy. How often have we stayed in relationships, ways of thinking and behaviors that suck the life out of us? But instead of breaking free, we choose to stay in “comfortable misery”, hoping and praying something would change. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing’s going to magically change unless you make a decision to change it, and then act upon that decision.

When I got off the phone with her I was on such a high! As I pondered our conversation, I realized this high vibrational energy was coming from both of us basking in the joy of her claiming her independence! Though the ways and means were not visible in the moment, she was not going to let anything stop her. Isn’t it funny how we tend to let our fear get in the way  because we don’t know “how?” When in fact, the universe is simply waiting for us to say yes, so the “how to” can be shown. By the end of our call, the ways and means were revealed to her:-)

What is it going to take for you to claim your independence from fear, worry, lack, addiction, obsession, that unsatisfying relationship, the unfulfilling job, struggle, pain, and stress? I can tell you from personal experience, while the journey to claiming my independence was not very cute, and still isn’t at times, the freedom, peace and ease that I have today are well worth it. 

As you celebrate this July 4th with family, friends and the nation, my greatest desire is that by this time next year you celebrate your personal independence!  What can be better than that?

To your outrageous happiness and success!

Practice a little spiritual selfishness


I don’t know anyone who was ever taught that being selfish was a good thing. Seeing that I don’t know everyone in the world, maybe you do. On the journey to realizing my dreams, and those of my clients, I’ve discovered that unless you are selfish with your time, energy and attention your divine desires will remain right where they are, in your dreams…

If you take an inventory of where your energy goes on a daily basis, chances are you’ll find that its being invested in the lives, dreams, and plans of everyone else instead of yours. With what’s left over you attempt to put into you, by then you are drained, depleted and exhausted. Another day goes by with your dreams put on the back burner. Besides your desires being shelved, you’ll find that you are frustrated, angry and resentful at your family job and circumstances that you perceive to be the cause of you not moving forward. However, in truth they are innocent bystanders in the creation of your movie. (If you have no dreams or aspirations, other than surviving, then this of course does not apply to you.)

Being spiritually selfish requires a great deal of courage. When you decide to withdraw from being overly involved other people’s lives (which can be a great source energy drainage), it will seem to them like you don’t care. Being selfish also requires you to withdraw from self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors like over-shopping, overeating and over-drinking to name a few. If you have ever taken up the path of spiritual selfishness, I’m sure you can attest to how challenging the guilt, doubts, what others will say and think of you, along with the sadness and loneliness that comes along with it, can be.

However, on the flip side, you will free up an unimaginable amount energy and space in your life. This will allow you to deeply connect with YOU and your soul’s desires like never before. All of a sudden, ideas, inspiration and joy will find their way into your heart, and the right and perfect way for you to create balance will be revealed.

“Spiritual selfishness” as I call it, is the ultimate act of self love. This is not an act of your ego or to withdraw from others to prove a point. Its simply a way of saying “I am making a conscious choice to uncover what makes my heart sing. What will make me come alive to experience my very best life?”

Eventually, a funny thing will happen – you’ll find that you are so much better equipped to support the very same people from a healthy, happy and grounded place. You’ll also be an inspiration to them because you will be an example of someone living or going after your dreams. Isn’t this what you truly desire anyway,  to live your most fabulous life while inspiring and supporting others to do the same? If this resonates with you, then try a little spiritual selfishness. It’ll take you a very long way.

Here are a few tips to get you started…

  1. Make time every day for some “spirit and me” time.
  2. Find someone who will support you in your endeavors.
  3. The bigger your dreams and aspirations, the more “spiritual selfishness “will be required.
  4. Remember you are partnering with the divine, so you will always be supported, guided and protected. 
  5. Take action!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

Love & Miracles,





Have you been feeling off lately?



For the past few weeks I’ve felt a bit off, though now I’m thrilled to report things are on the up, and I’m doing great! Before, I would get all bent out of shape, and my mind would start spiraling into the pit, saying “something must be wrong with me”, “why can’t I seem to get it right?”, “I can’t believe this is happening to me again!” However, as I’ve evolved on my journey there’s a few things I’ve come to learn along the way….

If you’ve been feeling this way too, I have great news! Chances are, like me you’re a Highly Sensitive Being, and absolutely nothing is wrong with you! YAY!!! As HSBs we feel deeply and sense easily what’s going on in the world and around us. At times it can be too much to bear. However, our energies are needed to create healing and balance on the planet for ourselves and others. So, in essence what may seem like a curse, in truth is a divine blessing.

One of the foundational steps in my coaching practice is teaching clients how to manage their energy. When you’re feeling off emotional and mentally it affects everything. Being a HSB can be exceptionally challenging because of our sensitivity. Learning how to navigate these low-level energies when they show up is crucial if you desire to create a life you DESERVE and LOVE.

So, the next time you’re feeling off, instead of judging yourself, which will only makes matters worse,  give yourself the gift of compassion. It instantly neutralizes the despair, and creates a space for you to regain your composure, and open up to possibilities.

Tools for regaining your composure and staying in the flow:

1 Know that “feeling off” is always temporary. As humans, we go through emotional seasons. Feeling off, low or down could possibly be your winter.

2 Develop daily spiritual and mental rituals, like meditation and journaling to keep you grounded and connected to source. Often times when we’re feeling off, we feel alone in the world and that’s not a good place to be.

3. Keep a daily appreciation journal. Nothing raises our vibration more than the  energy of appreciation. Sometimes all I can reach for is the appreciation for being able to breath,  and that puts a smile on my face every time.

4. If you find yourself feeling more off than you’d like, chances are you are a HSB — Highly Sensitive Being. When my clients discover this about themselves for the first time, it creates a dramatic shift and relief for them.

5. Ask, “what messages or lessons does this feeling want to show me?” They’re a lot of hidden gems in our discomfort. So, instead of numbing yourself through overeating, drinking, shopping, electronics, social media or whatever your choice of numbness is, just be with the discomfort. It’s happening for a reason.

6. Ask for support! Reaching out for support is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of an empowered being who knows they deserve more than what they’re negatively experiencing.

To your outrageous happiness and success! 

Love & Miracles,