Be the cause of your Magnificent 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing you the most ridiculously awesome year ever!

Be the cause of your Magnificent 2016!


Wouldn’t it be nice to manifest your deepest desires in an easy and effortless way in 2016? Lucky for you, the high energy surrounding this year is the perfect set-up for that to happen. The only thing (and person) that will get in the way is you…

Recently, I was daydreaming about someone taking my place at work for the day, and my getting paid for it. Of course, they would be highly compensated as well. I then heard a soft voice say “that is highly possible, but you have to be the cause of it.” This statement was confirmation of the fact that we are truly the creators of our reality. I felt incredibly grateful for this divine message, and thought was a blessed way to begin the New Year. I also realized that this was the message to share.

Do you sincerely want to experience a happy, healthy, creative, joyous expansive and prosperous year? Then this New Year will require you to be a new you in every which way.

A former client, and now dear friend sent this to me recently. Thanks for all the lovely things you said about my sweetie and I. And thanks for helping me attract him!!! I’m so glad he and I found each other, and it is due in no small part to you!”  While it would be great to take credit for my client attracting her perfect mate, the truth is all I did was teach her how to be the cause of bringing her divine partner into her life.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, and how long you’ve been wanting to touch, feel and live your desire, the honest truth is it can be done. When you get in the core of your being that it comes through and from you, things will start to happen beyond your wildest dreams. I know without a doubt that every delicious, fabulous (and not so fabulous) experience that’s taken place in my life, or in the life of my clients, was because we were the cause of them. This is what it means to stand in your power.

Actions steps to being the cause of your magnificent 2016!

Step 1. Awareness: Being aware that you are the cause of your reality resets your vibration from being a victim to being an empowered creator. Life is happening for you, instead of to you.

Step 2. New Year, New You: Most of us are thrilled about saying “Happy New Year”, and setting goals and intentions. But, somehow we forget that nothing will be different if we are no different in our thoughts, being and actions. Wonder why its been “same old, same old?”

Step 3. Dream Big! Nothing is going to get you out of the rut more than dreaming big. What do you want to do, experience, feel and have in this lifetime? Let the energy of these desires open up a whole new world for you.

Step 4. Receive support: I cannot stress this enough — you only know what you know. Your dreams are bigger than you, and need the necessary wisdom, tools, knowledge and sacred space within which to grow. Receiving support to fulfill your dreams is the ultimate act of self-love.

Step 5. Gratitude letter to the universe: Joyfully take some time and write, in advance, a gratitude letter to the universe for all of your outrageously awesome manifestations in 2016. Date your letter January 1st, 2017, list all your dreams, ways of being and intentions you wish to experience in this coming year. Seal and put away to be opened on December 31st, 2016. Can’t wait to hear what unfolds!

To creating massive magic in 2016!

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