Are you blocking your money flow?

Money FlowThe subject of money is one of the most emotionally charged in the world. For many, it’s laced with an incredible amount of “not so good” feeling thoughts like, “its never enough”, “I have to work hard for it”, “where it’s going to come from?” and my favorite, “I can’t afford it.” Are you exhausted yet? I certainly am.
For far too long I have struggled in this area myself, so I’ve decided to put my foot down and do something about it.  Are you ready to join me? I was in complete shock and resistance when the first two things about money I discovered were: 1. money is energy; and, 2. it’s never about the money. (Say what?)
Everything in the universe is created from the invisible (energy) first, and then shows up into the physical. So, if your mantras are “I can’t afford it”, “I never have enough money”, “this costs too much” or whatever the complaint may be, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the lack of money is what shows up in your reality.
Simply put, those thoughts cut you off from universal/invisible support, and lock you into a holding pattern that massively blocks your money flow. Because you are in the energy of “worry”, you’re unable to receive a divine idea or inspiration that will create the space you to manifest the very money you seek. (Remember how exhausted you felt from all the negative thoughts earlier? Now you know why!)
As a coach, I experience the “money magic” all the time with my clients or potential clients who are amazed by how one minute they don’t have the money, and the next, once they have a shift in their perspective, the money mysteriously shows up.
Why is that? Their entire energy and focus was on the joy and benefit it’s going to bring rather than the cost. That energy and mindset opens up the flow. So, in truth it’s never about the money.
Let’s face it — most of us were raised with intense limiting beliefs and programming about money.  The beauty of evolution is that we no longer have to stay stuck in the money rut. If you have dreams, aspirations and desires to fulfill before you leave this planet, its imperative you not let your belief in lack of money stop you. If so, you’ll be stopped everywhere else as well.
The topic of money is so complex that I could go on and on without end. In the upcoming weeks I look forward to diving into deeper waters and guiding you to opening up your money flow.
In the meantime here are a few Power Habits to get you on your way:
  1. Start by investigating your relationship to money. Every interaction in our life creates this relationship. How do you really feel about money? Be really honest about this, you cannot fool energy.
  2. Replace your limiting negative thoughts about money with more empowering and supportive ones.  Change “I can’t afford that” to “How can I afford that?”, or “I never have enough money” to “there’s always more than enough money to meet my needs.” Be sure the new thought feels good to you.
  3. Create a “money mantra.” One my favorites: “money comes easily and effortlessly to me.”
These beginning steps may not bring you the money tomorrow, but you’re going to feel a lot less stressed, and you’ll be creating the space for the means and ways to start popping up. You are now opening up your money flow.
Need guidance and support in turning on your money flow? Then be on the lookout for an exciting invitation coming your way in a few days!!!
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