Have you given up on and love and are pretending that its not for you?

Do you wonder why no matter how hard you try you keep attracting the same disappointing relationships and life circumstances?

Are you a highly sensitive, soulful, passionate and purposeful woman who deeply desires to manifest a deliciously fulfilling relationship, and create a life she LOVES?

It’s no accident that you are here…

You sense at the core of your being that your desires were given to you for a reason and you’re right! That’s why it is my highest intention is to teach you how to transform your dreams into reality from a place of ease, alignment and joy instead of struggle, dysfunction and pain.

“Since working with Keiya, my entire life has changed for the best! I was able to free myself from my unhealthy marriage, and gained a deeper understanding of who I am on a SOUL level, and the icing on the cake is being in the most healthy and loving relationship experience of my life!” 
– T. Sizemore, Nashville, TN, Holistic Jewelry Designer

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Are you ready to…

Embody the confidence, clarity, self-love and magic that will CAUSE you to become the dynamic creator of your dream life and relationship?


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